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The Valplast® Adjustment Kit puts the right instruments in your hands to make any chairside adjustments for your Valplast® patients. Valplast® resin handles differently from acrylic, so you will need these rotary instruments and knife for complete control, precision, and smooth results. Give your patients the beautiful, comfortable, pain-free smile that they want.

* Special Carbide Bur for bulk reduction if needed

* Green Mounted Stone for minor adjustments and behind clasps

* Green Silicone Polisher to leave a smooth burnished finish

* Valplast Knife to help remove residual fibers and strands

Instructions for Use included with the Kit. Video guide can be viewed on myvalplast.com/dentist

*This kit is for professional use only.

Retail: $149.99
Price: $129.99
You Save: $20.00 (13.3%)