The Valplast® Green Silicone Polisher is a mounted point that is used with a handpiece between 15000 and 20000 RPM rotation to create a smooth pre-polished surface. The Green Silicone Polisher is used by laboratory technicians in the final stage of finishing. This point can also be used, if needed, to smooth rough or sharp surfaces or edges after chairside adjustments.

Use of the silicone polisher on a high-gloss polished surface will result in dulling of the surface. These surfaces will need to be repolished using the Valplast Polishing Compounds and accessories available together as the Valplast® Polishing Kit.

Remember to Prescribe Valplast® Partials by brand from your Dental Laboratory. Every Genuine Valplast® partial should be delivered with a uniquely numbers serialized pamphlet identifying the material used. Accept no substitutes.

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