Deluxe Kit includes: 1 DentureCup, 1 FlexBrush, 1 DentureSonic and 1 box of Val-Clean.

Price: $55.98


    Our Deluxe Kit contains a one year supply of Val-Clean®, a DentureSonic, and a FlexBrush. Use the Sonic to shake off the day's accumulation and the FlexBrush to safely clean your partial.

    >The DentureSonic is a convenient container and vibrating holder for your denture. The unit runs on 2 AA Batteries. Brushing a denture aggressively may cause dulling or damage to the surface. The vibration of the DentureSonic can help loosen particles and deposits on the surface of your denture and reduce or eliminate the need for brushing.

    >Our DentureCup features a removable insert sleeve so you never have to dip your fingers in the solution.

    >The Flexbrush has extra-soft bristles and a flexible handle for easy and gentle brushing. The brush may be used for convenient and safe removal of deposits and particles on the surface of your denture.

    1 X DentureCup

    1 X DentureBrush

    1 X DentureSonic

    1 X Box of Val-Clean®

    **Requires 2 x AA Batteries (Not included)