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Yes you CAN add teeth to a Valplast® Flexible Partial!

  • Small additions can be made in the office with this Repair Kit
  • Simple process allows mechanical bonding of a new acrylic tooth
  • Video technique guide available on myvalplast.com/dentist

*This kit is for Professional Use Only.

Price: $350.00


    Adding a Tooth to a Valplast® Partial is fast and simple with the Valplast® Chairside Repair Kit. The Kit includes the tools and accessories required to build up a boxing to seat a new tooth, and to prepare the site for either a prefabricated acrylic tooth or a composite or acrylic build-up.

    The Repair Kit is intended for Professional Use Only and requires some materials that are usually available in the dental office. The Kit can be used for small additions to an existing Valplast® partials, and may also be used to replace a tooth that pops or breaks out of a Valplast® partial.

    Larger repairs involving multiple teeth or retentive clasps, or rebases and relines should be sent to an authorized Valplast® dental lab for fabrication.

    Remember to Prescribe Valplast® Partials by brand from your Dental Laboratory. Every Genuine Valplast® partial should be delivered with a uniquely numbers serialized pamphlet identifying the material used. Accept no substitutes.

    Valplast® Hot-Air Welder

    Valplast® Welding Rod Filament Pieces

    Retention Wire

    Twist Drill

    Pin Vice